Too freaking funny...or is it?

I came across this website & I haven't yet decided on whether or not this is just too funny or a little sick?! I'm leaning more towards this is just too funny!

These are shirts that are designed for babies! Yes, they really do sell them!!

And now, my two favorites!

HAHA! I love it! =D
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Wonderful, Random Morning...

OK, so another random day! I was listening to the NPR this morning & they were discussing new lithium car batteries which can approximately double your car’s gas mileage! From the NPR, the 2007 Toyota Prius reached 150 to 170 mpg with this lithium battery!!! The only bad thing so far with it, of course, is the price! I’ve read in some places that the price is around $10k! And, if you’re buying a car that is only worth $12k are you going to be losing money somehow? I would like to see some statistic studies on that! Because, the money you would be saving in purchasing gas over time…. Eureka!

$20 a week * 4 weeks = $120 a month
$120 a month * 12 months = $1,440 a year
$1,440 a year * 4 years (time frame most people hold onto a vehicle) = $5,760

So, this is not including any trips and I go to San Antonio at least once a month. Hmmm…

Either way, it looks as if you would save money. This calculation includes my gas purchase trends only! Now for someone who has to commute an hour one way, the amount of money spent on gas will obviously be higher. Especially depending on the prices in certain areas of the country. So, all in all, I guess it would be safe to say that even at $10k people would be saving a lot of money in gas over the years. Now here is another question, if you do purchase this new lithium battery, is it transferable from one vehicle to another once you’re finished using the original vehicle? Well, NPR was discussing how a tax-write-off was in the talks for anyone who bought this new lithium battery, kind-of the same tax-write-off people got for purchasing a hybrid!

On another note, a missing Fort Hood solider was found late yesterday. I’m curious to know what the cause of death is going to be from. If he had his cell phone, why didn’t anyone call him before four days!?!?!?!!!1! I know these map navigational exercises can be really tricky! I’ve done them & have gotten lost but have found my way back. I’m not saying this was completely the soldier’s fault but what could have possibly gone wrong? And, at what point do we need to investigate this soldier’s superior officers & sergeants to find out why in the hell they allowed a soldier to remain out there unsupervised?! Yeah, it says he was a sergeant, but that means nothing these days! They are offering stripes to anyone that will stay in the army these days which is extremely sad in my opinion. *sigh* I don’t know, but it is very frustrating to hear things like this though.

I need to post a picture of my kitty!! =D
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Random things on my mind...

OK, well this is a random LJ post. It’s been almost a month since my last post…yikes! I tell myself over & over that I should do this more often & stick with it on a regular basis. But, I guess that is kind of hard to do when you feel like you talk to yourself most of the time. Then again, I tell myself, this is really for me anyways so why should that matter?

Random things on my mind:

1) My history class begins July 23rd and I already have the book & course work schedule! I should start on it in advance.
2) Reading this book and enjoying every page of it. The author did such a wonderful job at describing all the little details and emotions throughout the book thus far.
3) Thinking about finally sticking with this exercise plan for good! I tried for it a week & it was surprisingly effective! My body hurt in places that even military training didn’t touch…lol!
4) Thinking about playing Super Paper Mario since I first read that the Wii was going to release it!! I loved the story line & how cute everything was in the first one. Mike & I bought Mario Party 8 which is so worth the time to play! We enjoyed it immensely!
5) Contemplating over friends and family I have had throughout my travel in life. How different I am now than who I used to think I was. How I really never keep in touch with most of them because of how we’ve grown apart in our lives. I wonder sometimes if I was wrong for not keeping in contact with some of them because of how they choose to live their life. Sometimes I ponder on whether or not that was a little harsh of me, but then I think if I don’t agree on how they are living their life why would I want that to even be a part of my life? I don’t know.

This last thought has consumed most of my day & energy today. I suppose the reason for that is because last night I found something out, something which my intuition was on to this whole time, about some people in my life. Some of these people are here by choice & some are not by choice. Anyways, Mike & I had a disagreement on this whole situation concerning these people. Is it wrong that I am so quick to just say forget someone and that I can do without them in my life by the way they choose to live their life? Is that extremely selfish or is it a defense mechanism that kicks in when a situation occurs that I saw coming from a long way away? This is what is confusing to me. Maybe it is a little of both in a case like this… Hmmm. Because, I know I am no one to tell anyone else how to live their lives, but is it because I want better than that in my life that I throw up this wall to remove them & their low moral standings & values from anything in my life? I just don’t know. But, most of today I have spent thinking of what the “right” thing really is…
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Just another day...

So, there have been some exciting new things going on since my last post! First (and most exciting), Mike put in a three week resignation for his job!! He has accepted another position for an oil company based in Europe handling the company’s IT! I’m so excited for him! This means no more working nights, no more working weekends, & no more crap (well, somewhat…hehe)! I can feel that this is going to be an amazing opportunity for him! The company (I believe) has offered to eventually pay to certify Mike in Linux! Also, I think he mentioned that in about two years the possibility for travel is almost certain! Australia here we come! ;-) This thought brings me to my second random thing I want to talk about! Mike & I will have been together two years this June! Wow! It is still some times hard to believe it, in a good way…hehe! It doesn’t feel like we’ve been together that long, and, yet, it feels like it has been longer. I feel like we know each other so well & then there are moments where I see things in him I’ve never seen before. We’re still early in the relationship & having fun! :-D

So, two years in approximately five weeks! I have no idea what we are going to do yet. Our one year anniversary consisted of Burnout Revenge & Taco Bell…LOL! The reason for that is because we didn’t really want to end up spending money when we were trying to save. Our gifts to each other were also connected in some way to our newly acquired Xbox 360! Yes, we’re nerds! ;-) I was kind of hoping for something a little more special this year, but I’m not sure what is going to happen just yet. *shrug*

I’ve submitted my resume to in hopes of finding a new job myself. My mother works for this awesome oil company here too. Coincidence, no, not here in Houston, the oil capital! She submitted my resume to the sales department there, but I don’t do sales!  She said it was the only department that had an opening. So, at least it’s worth a shot. If the job were to come available to me, it would be nearly a $10k annual increase in my income! Plus, 100% medical, dental & vision insurance coverage! That alone would be nice! I have OK medical coverage here where I am now, but no dental or vision.

So, Pirates of the Caribbean 3 comes out this Thursday!! I can’t wait to see it! I’m really curious to see how the story line plays out with this one. It always seems that the more they drag movies on the story line just begins to suck!

OK, I guess this is it for now…
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Cook off you say, eh?!

I was looking around & saw this new game for the Wii! It looks like so much fun!! :D I think this game on the Wii is going to be a lot more fun & interesting than compared to the DS version! Although, some of the comments on the game let you know that the scoring is a little beware! ;-)

I want to get Super Paper Mario and Mario Party 8!! I've almost finished Paper Mario on the GameCube & love it! I was kinda disappointed how Mario Party 8 didn't come out on March 5th! :( That would have been a nice birthday present! Although, that would have been more of a gift for both Mike & I...hehe!

OK, I do need to do a little bit more work before I head home & work out again! (Yes, I did it about an hour yesterday! And, it felt sooooo great today!) :D
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Today, I guess, is doing a woot off or something of that matter. So, instead of one item on for a day they switch to different items after a certain amount of time! This one right now has to be one of the funniest I have seen thus far on
I know what she thought she saw, officer, but I’m telling you: that’s not what I was doing with my hand in my pocket. It’s true, I noticed her as soon as she got on the subway. So did every other guy on the train. And maybe I stared a little more than I should’ve. But all I was doing was turning up the volume on my Philips GoGear 2GB MP3 Player. It holds about 500 songs in MP3 and WMA formats, and it’s got an FM tuner, too.

What happened was, I’d just gotten to the fast part toward the end of “Paradise City” –see, that’s why I was rhythmically rocking back and forth – and I just had to crank it up. Why not? I’ve got the battery power. The GoGear player runs for like 10 hours on one charge. But the player got all mixed up with, uh, the other things in my pocket, so I was having trouble finding the volume control. That’s why my hand was furiously moving around in my pocket. It’s all perfectly innocent.

You want to see it? Sure, it’s right here, let me take it out of my pocket here, if I can get it out- whoops, lemme just pick that up…what? No, no! It’s just a baggie of oregano, I swear!

LMAO! I just died laughing!

Well, I can't wait for the weekend! 2.5 more hours! W00T! :-D
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E8 Solved!

E8 Photo
Originally uploaded by digitalbath1717.
"An international team of mathematicians has successfully solved a puzzle called E8, which had remained unsolved since the last century. The E8 is often described as a symmetrical structure, whose solution had eluded mathematicians for decades. It was thought to be an unsolvable problem."

Amazing! When I read this article this morning I almost couldn't believe it! The E8 consists of 248 dimensions!! I guess it was only going to be a matter of time before it was solved with the way technology is going! Isn't it just breath taking!?!

New at all this..

This is my first time joining anything like this. This looked a little interesting, so I thought I might give it a try & see how it goes. I keep a personal journal along with this one, but I thought it might be a bit more intriguing to see what other people have to say. So, here goes.....